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Date of meeting: 
Thursday, February 22, 2018
Did you succeed in achieving your action steps since the last meeting? If yes, please state which action steps you were able to complete. If no, please explain the challenges that you experienced. (If first meeting, write ‘first meeting’ here.): 
First meeting
Please state your goal using the SMART Method: Specific: Avoid generalities! Your goal should have specific details so you know what you are achieving. Measurable: Make sure you have solid criteria for establishing your progress toward your goal. Achievable: It doesn’t have to be simple or easy, but it should be possible. Rewarding: Your goal must be something that is meaningful and worthwhile. Timely: Having specific dates for beginning to finishing goals keeps you on track Example: “My goal is to receive a Sports Internship by May 1st”: 
To get my resume updated and approved within the next two weeks.
Please list the actions steps you will take to achieve your goals stated above. These are action steps that will be completed by next meeting. Example: “1. Finish my resume. 2. Talk with my advisor. 3. Submit a sports internship application at two institutions.”: 
I will input all my new accomplishments, have my professor go over it and get tips from her. Then I will go to career services to get it revise and have its finishing touch and approved by them.
How have the Society speakers or SNT meetings helped you achieve your goals or changed your life?: 
They help me by supporting my goal and checking on me and giving me advice on how to go about accomplishing my goals.
Reviewed Date: 
Friday, March 9, 2018 - 11:44am
Hi, Thank you for your entry. I am glad to hear that you have had success with your commitments that you made at your last meeting! You did a great job on this meeting, best of luck with your goals and action steps this week! Best of luck, George