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Letter From the President: 

Dear Society Member,

NBA veteran, sports analyst, and Society leadership ambassador Stephen Bardo once said, “You have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

It is human nature to shy away from things that make us feel uncomfortable. Today, I want to remind you of the reasons why discomfort can be a productive notion and feeling.

Being comfortable is not always an indicator of true happiness. Instead, it can lead us to be more complacent and settle for mediocrity. On occasion, we may even use comfort as a crutch for not being adventurous, or extending ourselves too far. Think about how often you hear, “I’m not comfortable with that,” as the reason for someone not wanting to move forward with change. Whether it is learning a new skill, giving a speech or contributing to a cause, being comfortable becomes the all-inclusive safety net to trying something new.

The truth is, discomfort is a catalyst for growth. Being comfortable doesn’t makes us yearn for something more—discomfort does. It is a hunger that fuels and forces us to change and adapt in new situations.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”

― Kenji Miyazawa

Discomfort can also be an indication that we’re making progress. As the age old adage goes, “no pain, no gain.” When you drive yourself towards growth, whether it be personally, athletically, professionally or academically—there will be discomfort. But in the end, you will have gained something worthwhile.

This month I encourage you to go outside your comfort zone and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you do, it’ll make you stronger and more resilient to tackle a myriad of life situations in the future.

I hope you are all having a wonderful fall semester.

Best wishes to everyone,

Charles Knippen
The National Society of Leadership and Success
Success Corner: 

The Thought Leader Series

We are proud to share our latest episodes of the "Thought Leader Series" featuring:

- Marcia Clark, attorney, author, and television personality

- Slava Rubin, co-founder of Indiegogo
- Sydney Finkelstein, the Steven Roth Professor of Management and Faculty Director, Tuck Center for Leadership at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

Click here to watch all episodes.

Monthly Motivation: 

“Do one thing that scares you every single day.”



By: Brendan, from

About a year ago, psychologist and author Kelly McGonigal gave a TED Talk on “How to Make Stress Your Friend,” which has now been viewed six million times. To paraphrase, McGonigal said this: Stress can kill you, but only if you believe stress is bad for your health. If you don’t believe it’s bad for you, stress won’t kill you...

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Our members are leading and inspiring individuals on their campuses and in their communities across the country every day, and we want to help tell those stories! Articles and other content for upcoming newsletters can be submitted anytime to Please include photos from your event, and let us know what you were doing, who participated and how it impacted your members and community. So many chapters are making a difference every day. Keep up the good work!

Society Spotlight: 

Chapter Events
and Highlights

Mercer University - Macon

On Thursday, September 15th the Society chapter at Mercer University - Macon held its second of two Orientations this fall. The chapter welcomed 275 new members this semester, and had 212 in attendance between both Orientations.

Mercer University - Macon Executive Board pictured above.

Spring Hill College

On Wednesday, September 21st, the Society chapter at Spring Hill College hosted the second of two Leadership Training Day events. The chapter welcomed 53 new members this semester.

Spring Hill College Executive Board pictured above.


Reminder: Fall 2016 Scholarships and Awards

The Fall 2016 submission period closes Monday, October 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Click here to download the Scholarships & Awards Packet and begin your application.

As a reminder, applications are being accepted for the following:

Mission-Based Scholarships and Grants
Title Amount Number Awarded Each Term Membership Requirement
Society State of Mind Award $1,000 50 All
Healthy Living Grant $1,000 5 All
Excellence Scholarship
$3,000 12 Inducted
Upon request:
maximum of $7,500
Varies Inducted
Dream Support
Upon request:
maximum of $5,000
Varies Inducted
Need-Based Scholarships and Grants
Title Amount Number Awarded Each Term Membership Requirement
Financial Aid
Materials Grant
$1,000 5 All
Society Little Leaders Award $1,200 5 All
Exciting New
Changes For
This Year:

- More money! Over a quarter-million dollars is available for the 2016-2017 school year!

- More chances to win! New awards, including local awards, have been added to the packet!

- More ways to apply! You can now submit your essay in video format!

Member Benefits

True Nature Education

Plan Your Winter and Summer Breaks Now!

Registration Open for Costa Rica Service, Adventure, and Leadership Programs

2016-2017 Dates:

December 10-17, 2016

June 17-24, 2017

July 29-August 5, 2017

December 9-16, 2017

Limited Number of Spaces are Left for these Trips.

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Society Members Receive a $350 Discount Off Tuition

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The Society is excited
to partner with True Nature Education for another year of exciting programs in Costa Rica. Members are invited to participate in an immersive travel abroad opportunity that embodies the essence of service leadership. Throughout the program, students have the opportunity to take part in several service projects which can include:

  • Animal rehabilitation at a monkey sanctuary
  • Reforestation of the Children Eternal Rainforest
  • Participating in an inter-cultural exchange at a local school
  • The renovation of a structure in a local village
  • Caring for endangered turtles
  • The opportunity to share your individual gifts with the local villages (i.e.: art, music, dance, sports)

Given our relationship with True Nature Education, Society members receive a $350 discount off tuition. Lodging, transportation and meals are all included in your trip.

Click here for more info.

**Please note that airfare is not included, and members are responsible for booking and paying for their own flights.**

Outward Bound Costa Rica

Our partners at “Outward Bound Costa Rica (OBCR),” firmly believe there is no better way to develop leadership skills than with real-time experience in the field. Each year, university students learn to push their limits and expand their horizons as they develop leadership and social skills as well as self confidence and physical skills on OBCR’s Gap Year & Semester courses.

This fall, OBCR will be offering two Gap Year & Semester courses. On the Coast to Coast Expedition Semester, students will develop leadership skills as they hike across Costa Rica, from the Caribbean to the Pacific coast. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in adventure activities in Panama and Nicaragua. Students can earn up to 12 college credits in this course.

On the Outdoor Leader Semester, students will earn seven internationally recognized certifications as they gain field experience. Top alumni from this program will have the opportunity to participate in an instructor internship during OBCR’s high season. OBCR’s intern instructors play a crucial role in program operations during the summer months by helping bridge the gap between different cultures. Students can earn up to 10 college credits in this course.

For the full list of partner discounts you receive as a Society member, click here.