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Congratulations to Society member Samentha Regnier, Community Service Chair of the York College chapter. As a result of her SNT goals and meetings, Samentha has started a non-profit organization, “Keys of the Heart Incorporated.”
My name is Samentha Regnier, and I am the Community Service Chair, from the York College chapter. The National Society of Leadership and Success has enlightened me and allowed me to obtain the skills to be a leader, impacting those around me both here and abroad. I have taken everything from the Leadership Training Day, to my Success Networking Team meetings to develop a way to help those less fortunate than us. Through a recent trip to Haiti, my friend came back with a plan to help students in Leogane fund their education. With the skills I have obtained through the NSLS, we gathered our team and embarked on starting our own non-profit organization called “Keys of the Heart Incorporated”. We have been holding fundraisers, and bringing awareness to the troubles these students face, as well as the threat of not being able to afford an education. With just $50 a day they are able to go to school for an entire year, so we having been channeling all avenues in order to see our dream of providing these services as well as more to the children in Leogane.


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B. Pasapane
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Monday, July 11, 2016