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On Wednesday, November 4th, Oscar-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg visited New Jersey City University to speak with the Society in a Live Speaker Broadcast hosted by SiriusXM “Morning Mash Up” personality, Nicole Ryan.
Jesse shared his journey from anthropology student to actor with the humor and nervous energy we come to expect from him.  Society members from all over the nation loved every minute of the broadcast, as the advice he gave was not only uplifting and inspiring to the young generation of college students, it was also quite relatable.  Viewers engaged on social media by sharing their favorite #JesseEisenberg quotes and one-liners. 
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During the broadcast Jesse spoke about his upcoming role in the Zack Snyder directed “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” in which he portrays the iconic comic book villain Lex Luthor. He compared the situation to his dream of playing for the Phoenix Suns.
“I wanted to play for the Phoenix Suns my whole life,” said Eisenberg jokingly. “No, I was so close. I was a foot away from it. Unfortunately, the one foot that was missing was from my body.”
“I wanted to be a basketball player so much. I mean, being in the biggest coolest movie like Batman is a great disappointment compared to not being on the Suns.”
On a more serious note, Eisenberg expressed that movie acting is more calculated, click here to watch as he speaks about his preparation for the role of Lex Luthor.
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Monday, November 23, 2015