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Congratulations to “Dream Support Grant” recipient, Octavia Romano, from the Society chapter at The City College of New York.
Octavia Romano was inducted into The National Society of Leadership and Success in the Spring of 2014 and graduated from The City College of New York in February 2015. In January of 2011, Octavia came to New York from Argentina as a transfer student to complete her studies in Music Composition. Over the past few years, she has had the opportunity and privilege of studying with great teachers, particularly with Pulitzer Prize winning composer and professor, David Del Tredici.  During this time, she wrote several pieces for different chamber ensembles, including string quartet, and was given the opportunity to have some of that music performed at university recitals and concerts.
Outside of school, Octavia has been writing music for dance and film as well as collaborating with other musicians in several projects. In order to pursue her dream career as a professional musician and composer, Octavia needed to record her original music according to industry standards of audio quality and performance. As the recipient of the “Dream Support Grant,” Octavia was given the necessary funding to have her work produced professionally. Having her music professionally recorded not only allowed her to enter international competitions, apply for more funding, and present her music at festivals, it also gave her the ability to continue her passion of creating music.
Today we would like to share with you Octavia’s experience and progress thus far on her journey of professionally recording her music and chasing down her dream. 
Halfway Mark – Professional Recording of String Quartet
By: Octavia Romano
Receiving the Dream Support Grant has made it possible for me to realize my dream of getting a professional recording of my original music for string quartet. Not only is this a step towards pursuing my career as a musician, the recording will allow me to apply for more commissions and awards, and position me in the industry as an emerging artist.
The project is currently in the development stage, as I finalize the first set of rehearsals with the musicians. Thanks to the Dream Support Grant, I was able to schedule and pay for rehearsal space and hire the instrumentalists to conduct a preliminary reading of the music. This step is very important to solidify the music performance before going into the studio. It will allow me to use the studio time more efficiently in order to get the best quality recording of my music.
The skills and knowledge I have learned from the Society helped me tremendously to lead this rehearsal efficiently. Being able to communicate my artistic and musical vision, and making sure it’s realized as closely as possible to my original idea, definitely requires leadership. My experience during the NSLS meetings, working in groups and trying to find solutions to different problems proved to be invaluable for this project. I look forward to the next and final stage of the actual recording of the music. I’m sure the skills I’ve learned as a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success will play a crucial role in the completion of this project.
Stay Tuned.


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Monday, November 16, 2015