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Members were engaged into learning her crafted leadership plan, “The Blueprint”, which is a guided six-step process she used to direct the audience to their ultimate passion, desires, purpose and legacy. The six steps include: defining one’s purpose and passion, mapping out one’s deepest desire, building a systematic plan of action, configuring time management and accountability.

On the topics of student life and business, Jamie gave the audience an inspirational outlook on how to face the many challenges that exist today. Between the increasingly crowded job market and numerous skills demanded for a career, the pressure that students and post-graduates face is extremely high. With her expert advice, Jamie outlined what to do to stand out from the crowd and achieve positive results.

During her time with attendees, Jamie emphasized the importance of the decisions students are making today that will impact their future. “Your 20’s decide so much for you,” she says, “with decisions about who you will marry, what career you will choose, where you will live, what habits you form, and the lifelong friendships you choose. There is incredible pressure in a decade that defines so much.”

One of the most important and powerful messages Jamie left her audience with is to remain optimistic. She says, “Obstacles equal growth. Do not shy away from confrontation, conflict or disagreement. Become the person who can handle it gracefully and with integrity”. She shared that she has found the best way to counter any negative ramifications brought by change and anxiety is to have a balanced mind, body and spirit.

Congratulations to the CSU-Monterey Bay Society chapter for hosting this dynamic event for their members. If your chapter is doing something extraordinary for your members, we encourage you to share your story with us by emailing the details and pictures to You may see your chapter featured in a future newsletter!

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On February 27th, 2015, California State University (CSU) - Monterey Bay’s Society Chapter had the honor of hosting renowned speaker, author and Millennial expert Jamie Borromeo. The author of Young, Educated & Broke: An Introduction to America’s New Poor, Jamie delivered an inspiring three-hour event that dove into the topics of student life, leadership, and business.
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B. Pasapane
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015