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1. What were the main points of this speaker's presentation?

The main points of the speaker Kathryn I believe were to always keep going no matter the obstacles that set you back from what you love or have passion about, to be smart in your career and career choice and to always always work very hard. The point that stood out to me the most was that no matter the obstacles to keep pushing forward always. I have really just experienced this with my career path change. I’ve had obstacles lately in my career choice and I changed my major. At first, I was upset but I then stepped back and assessed the many opportunities that were available in this new change and how many obstacles I had already overcame and it is already worth it.

2. How will you apply this information in your life?

I will apply this information to my life greatly and honestly already have as stated in the first question. I will always keep moving forward and be the best I can be no matter the obstacles that life gives. I will also walk away from this broadcast with many tips in my career and how to go about certain things especially when conversating with a boss.

3. What did you find most interesting about this speaker?

What I thought was most interesting was how Kathryn had a passion for a certain thing and she kept moving forward even through the obstacles and absolute rejection she faced and she succeeded.

4. If you could talk to the speaker, what would you say/ask?

If I could speak with Kathryn, I would most likely ask how she came up with such a great idea and what exactly helped her to keep moving forward.

5. Would you recommend this speaker to other students? Why or why not?

Yes, absolutely enjoyed this broadcast. I really needed to hear this broadcast after the past two weeks and all that I’ve dealt with concerning my career and the obstacles I have faced.

Speaker Broadcast: 
The New Rules of Work