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1. What were the main points of this speaker's presentation?

How she, an entrepreneur, combined arts and business for success. As entrepreneurs we have to follow the morphine over the aspirins and vitamins for success. Do not aim for perfect, just good enough to get things out the door 80% perfect. Be a disruptor, there is always more money if you do this vs. what is already there to use. Do not just lead your industry, lead its thinking too.

2. How will you apply this information in your life?

I will not only pursue one thing, I have options and will not limit myself. I will not let one job stop me from creating more jobs or other opportunities for myself. As an entrepreneur, you have to find that morphine and stay on it in order to build a successful market and business. Investors will not always understand your vision, and that does not mean that the idea is bad, you just have to find your target audience and get their opinion.

3. What did you find most interesting about this speaker?

Genevieve is a successful entrepreneur, mother, business owner, opera singer and much more. She's able to wear many hats, and still find enjoyment in her work.

4. If you could talk to the speaker, what would you say/ask?

How do you find time for yourself? How do you find balance with family time and work time?

5. Would you recommend this speaker to other students? Why or why not?

Yes, she could be an inspiration to women who have children and are perusing career goals, or are trying to become entrepreneurs.

Speaker Broadcast: 
Taking the Stage: How One Entrepreneur Combined Arts and Business for Success!