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Congratulations to Student Leadership Program Grant recipient, Selamawit Thomas, from the Society chapter at Medgar Evers College.
We are excited to introduce you to Selamawit Thomas, Spring 2015 Student Leadership Program Grant award winner. Selmawit resides in Brooklyn, NY and is a recent graduate of Medgar Evers College. This week we would like to share with you the experience she had at the OMEP World Assembly and Conference. OMEP is an organization that works locally, nationally and internationally to promote the health, development, rights and education of the world’s children and families. Enjoy!
The OMEP World Assembly and Conference was amazing. I was able to attend this memorable event because of the Student Leadership Grant I received from The National Society of Leadership and Success. I was extremely excited to be among many influential leaders in the early childhood education field. I knew that attending this conference would be life changing. The inspirational people that I met, the side events attended, participation in Play Dayze World Games Educational Tours as well as opportunities to volunteer all contributed to this unforgettable experience.
There were over one hundred side events for me to attend. One event, Inclusion of Children of Diverse Abilities in Early Childhood Settings, deepened my knowledge of inclusion in the classroom and taught me how to imbed lessons into a curriculum so that every child can benefit from that lesson. Another inspiring side event was presented by OMEP Norway, “How to Work with Natural Sciences and Outdoor Education as a Foundation for Children’s Understanding of Sustainability”, opened my eyes to the importance of education that will help children sustain themselves in nature.
Selamawit attending side event presentation
During the Educators segment of the conference, I was part of the OMEP Medgar Evers student chapter team that presented seven traditional games from each continent. The games were modified to teach literacy and numeracy to all children including children with diverse disabilities. Conference participants as well as children were able to play traditional games that could be easily implemented in classrooms or at home.
OMEP Medgar Evers Student Chapter World Games Presentations at Beauvoir, The National
Cathedral Elementary School Photos:
As an added bonus, not only did I meet the amazing leader and President of OMEPUSA,
Dr. Jean Simpson, Ph.D., The President of World OMEP, Dr. Maggie Koong, Ph.D. and the
President of The National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Dr. Carol
Brunson Day, Ph.D., I was also invited to China, Korea, Liberia, Norway, and Ghana to teach and or present. I am very thankful and forever grateful for the Student Leadership Grant as it provided the opportunity for me to attend this conference. Thank you, NSLS.
Dr. Maggie Koong, President, World OMEP
Dr. Carol Brunson Day, President NAEYC (left)


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Monday, October 5, 2015