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Congratulations to “Dream Support Grant” recipient Octavia Romano from the Society chapter at The City College of New York.
A few weeks ago, we shared the first of a two-part story highlighting Octavia Romano, a member of The City College of New York chapter, on her Society-sponsored journey to having her music professionally recorded.  Today, we are happy to present the conclusion of her story. Enjoy!
Click here to read Part One.
Octavia Romano Bio
Born in Córdoba, Argentina and now living in New York City with a scholarship to pursue higher musical studies, guitarist, composer and singer Octavia Romano has already explored and actively participated in the vibrant New York music scene. She has worked as a side-woman and performed at several renowned venues, including Carnegie Hall, and her compositions have been recognized by the ASCAP Foundation.
“Dream Support Grant” Project Summary
By: Octavia Romano
Receiving the Dream Support Grant from The National Society of Leadership and Success has allowed me to accomplish my goal of professionally recording my original music for string quartet. I was required to lead at every stage of the project, which included rehearsals, recording sessions, booking studios, hiring musicians and accommodating everyone’s schedule. I had to be flexible and adjust my initial budget to the amount awarded and find alternative ways to fund the project to achieve the best quality recording possible. For example, I was able to recruit a videographer and photographer who volunteered to film and take photos of the session at no cost. 
Leading a rehearsal and recording session requires management skills, efficiency and the ability to keep a group motivated and focused during the entire process. The National Society of Leadership and Success helped me learn, discover and exercise these skills that proved to be crucial for a successful completion of the project.
To see the full album, click here.
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Tuesday, December 15, 2015