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A burning desire to succeed, passion to sweat it out in the middle of a challenge, and the unassailable vigor to learn and improve every day and with every experience – all these are telltale signs of a real success in the making. Successful people are focused on their goals, monitor and track progress, are willing to receive constructive feedback, and have the power to make people grow and win along with them. In utter contrast, the unsuccessful people are prone to resisting change, lack the will to face challenges, can be spotted aimlessly talking, arguing with colleagues, looking for shortcuts, and talking about people behind their backs. Sitting on information, losing patience, wasting time, criticizing people, and hoping for others’ failure will never take you anywhere. Adopt the success mantras of the super-achievers, and fast track your drive to success.

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At the very core, what makes up success? Well, it’s the set of habits that define the actions, approaches, and life philosophies of successful people. Compare a few successful people, and you will be able to identify common habits to a great extent, and the opposite is also true!
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Lisa Smith
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015