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Members from nearly 500 Society Chapters across the country tuned in to watch and participate in several interactive social media features using #theNSLS. The event kicked off with a live poll, which viewers were able to participate in by logging onto the Society’s Facebook page. The poll asked:  

Could you be without your cell phone and digital devices for one hour each day?

·        46% responded, “Yes. I could unplug for an hour a day and be totally fine.”

·        2% said, “No. I can’t be without my phone or devices.”

·        9% answered, “I think I could, but I wouldn’t enjoy doing it.”

·        43% replied, “This is something that I already do.”

The above results were tallied throughout the event and shared with the audience following Arianna’s stimulating speech. Society members also participated in the event by answering trivia questions such as, “In what year did Arianna Huffington found The Huffington Post?” Those who answered correctly, were given the chance to win over $250 in prizes and books, including a signed copy of Arianna’s New York Times Bestseller, Thrive.

Members could also submit their own questions for Arianna via Twitter using #theNSLS. A few lucky viewers had the honor of having their question answered by Ms. Huffington on stage during the Question and Answer portion of the broadcast. Some of the questions that were asked included:

●       When you are against a deadline and really need to catch up, would you rather crunch at night and wake up right before you have to go to your meeting or go to sleep early and wake up extra early in the morning and prepare then?

●       Where do you find the inspiration to write all these books over the years?

●       Do you think technology will be a hindrance to people gaining more wisdom or will it help them and benefit them more?

No matter the question, Huffington’s message always went back to the importance of preventing burnout and finding a way to disconnect from your distractions. Just because many successful people today burnt out on their way to fame doesn’t mean it’s the only way. There are plenty of new role models who are succeeding differently.  



When all was said and done, members left the event with a sense of wisdom and relief, and feeling refreshed. Congratulations to the New Jersey City University Society chapter for hosting this dynamic event.  If your chapter is doing something extraordinary for your members, we encourage you to share your story with us by emailing the details and pictures to You may see your chapter featured in a future newsletter!


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March 17th may best be known as St. Patrick’s Day, but this year the number one topic—at least on Twitter—was The National Society of Leadership and Success and Broadcast Speaker Arianna Huffington. Huffington’s talk, broadcast live from New Jersey City University, focused on the importance of disconnecting from technology and preventing burnout. It was the third and final speaker broadcast of the Spring semester.
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B. Pasapane
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Monday, April 27, 2015